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Woman chops up her husband with an ax and forces her kids to help dispose of the body

According to reports, an Indiana woman, 34-year-old Thessalonica Allen, is accused of shooting her husband, chopping him up, and having her two children help with the clean-up before hiding the body parts.

As a consequence of these allegations, Allen has been charged with murder, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, abuse of a corpse, altering the scene of death, interference with the reporting of a crime, and two counts of neglect of a dependent – places dependent in situation that endangers the dependent.

In LaPorte, Indiana, Allen is alleged to have shot her husband, Randy Allen, on July 27.

At the time, her two young children, who were also in the apartment, reported hearing a big boom before witnessing Randy lying on the ground. He is claimed to have asked that they call '911,' but their mother instructed them not to. The authorities later revealed that the two had argued because Randy had questioned Thessalonica about a website she had visited.

Experts concluded that Randy couldn't move and could have bled to death based on the autopsy findings.

Many reports indicate that Thessalonica hid the body in her daughter's closet.

ABC 57 states that she called an ex-boyfriend to come to the residence, alleging her husband was abusive to the children. When the ex showed up, she led him to the closet and showed him the body inside it. Allen then asked the man to help her move the body. The ex refused to participate and, Allen drove the man to a location he asked to be dropped off. She threw a gun out the window that the ex retrieved and kept. The ex then called '911'.

The police report claims that Thessalonica woke her children up in the middle of the night and asked for them to aid in moving the body to the car, but the body was too heavy, and attempts failed. The next day, she reportedly grabbed an ax and chopped Randy's legs off, then had her children assist in placing his corpse into a bag and cleaning up the crime scene. An investigation conducted by police found that she intended to put the body in a vehicle before setting it on fire.

According to investigators, the apartment searched by the police included notes of criminal schemes that involve Randy as the victim.

One of those notes said:

  1. Get drugs from a friend

  2. Get ziplock bags

  3. When Randy is in the shower, get pawn tickets out of his wallet

  4. Put gun/drugs in the car under the seat while in the car

  5. Call Hearthside and tell them Randy had drugs and a gun in the car

A second said:

  1. Spray [expletive deleted] in the face, hit him in right knee w/hammer

  2. Hit w/hammer/stab him

  3. Roll body up in sheets & plastic bags

  4. Pick up Jay no phones, Jay follows me to LP, put body in Lincoln w/his Boost phone leave Jay car here

  5. Take my keys and his car key off the ring

And a third said:

Go to SB; Jay follows me back to LaPorte, puts the body in Lincoln, drives to SB, leaves the body in the car while running, and Jay brings me back to LP. While doing this, be on "compt" doing ATI.

Thessalonica told the police that her husband strangled and assaulted her, and then she shot him. She started crying and stated, "You people don't understand. He beats me."

Her initial court appearance is scheduled for Friday morning.

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