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Dad Beats The Brakes off A Pastor He Catches Touching His Son At The School Bus Stop

According to authorities, an Oklahoma parent beat a pastor after catching him improperly touching his nine-year-old son while the father was surveilling at a school bus stop and recording the event.

Michael Coghill, 33, was left with a cracked skull and a black eye when Oklahoma City Police arrived on the scene.

Coghill has been charged with indecent conduct against a child and is being held at the Oklahoma City Detention Center after the father's video was shown to authorities.

According to News9, this was not the first time Coghill followed and engaged with the boy at the bus stop.

The boy informed his parents that he had previously seen Coghill running in the neighborhood and that he had touched him in an unsettling manner on Monday.

Coghill, a minister at Lakehoma Church of Christ, does not live in the area between Southwest 36th Street and County Line Road, the location of the school bus stop.

On Wednesday, the boy's father took things into his own hands and accompanied his kid to the bus stop. He parked the vehicle in plain view of the kid, waited for Coghill to arrive, and videotaped the alleged event.

'While he was watching the school bus stop, our suspect ran by him, ran past the bus stop where the children were waiting. Turned around, came back, and stopped where he touched the child,' Sgt. Dillon Quirk said.

After videotaping the event, the enraged father approached Coghill and beat him, police claimed. The priest had a fractured skull and shattered the left orbital socket.

Coghill's reported behavior stunned neighbors.

The Lakehoma Church of Christ issued a statement denouncing Coghill's conduct and announcing that he had been relieved of his responsibilities.'

The church's website has subsequently deleted Coghill's profile.

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