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Man Accused Of Raping A Horse Breaks Out Of Jail In Colorado

Jonah Barrett-Lesko, who was reportedly videotaped sexually abusing a horse in June — was apprehended Tuesday after he fled from a Durango, Colorado, jail where he was being held on trespassing charges related to a series of robberies. According to the Durango Herald, he was caught this time in a nearby stream while wearing just his underpants.

Durango police started their search after receiving information that the 25-year-old suspect had been seen running through a Home Depot wearing a prison outfit. Barrett-Lesko eventually removed his jailhouse uniform. According to the police, this made detecting him much easier. He was arrested shortly afterward.

"They ran through the river a couple of times and then out into the middle of the river," police spokesman Ray Shupe said. "They had enough officers down there that surrounded him."

Barrett-Lesko is thought to have escaped from the jail's recreational yard, where he had been segregated from other prisoners under "keep-separate orders," authorities added. Additionally, they said that footage exists showing him scaling a wall and escaping via a breach in a fence.

The suspect was detained in late spring on allegations of sexual misbehavior at the La Plata County Fairgrounds involving a horse. The caregiver of the horse/victim captured the attack on a smartphone app connected to a camera in the animal's stall. After making the $5k bail for the Beastiality,  Barrett-Lesko was apprehended again after the disappearance of a half-dozen bicycles. Additionally, he is accused of breaking into a vehicle and stealing.

He pled guilty last month to felony burglary and was awaiting sentence on Friday when he made his getaway. The Durango Herald says he faced a maximum penalty of five years in jail, but probation was an option. He is now charged with felony escape.

Durango Police Chief Bob Brammer was one of the policemen who got his uniform wet in an attempt to apprehend Barrett-Lesko again. Brammer described the suspect as a "perfect example" of someone who should be imprisoned.

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