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Gorilla Performing Oral Sex Shocks Zoo Goers In Video

A video of two gorillas having oral sex in front of spectators at the Bronx Zoo has gone viral.

 It occurred on Wednesday, and as you can see in the video below, their contact began very innocently. It even elicited an "awl" from the audience. That is until it became apparent what was happening.

Parents immediately averted their children's eyes as laughter filled the room of guests watching these gorillas attempt to live as normally as possible in an enclosure. Meanwhile, when others moved away from the action, the individual filming not only came closer but also zoomed in on one spot.

As strange as the show may seem to many, bonobos, a somewhat smaller version of a chimp, have developed a reputation for their sexual activity.  Primatologist Frans de Waal's book Bonobos: A Forgotten Ape claims that this group of monkeys not only participates in oral sex and mutual masturbation but also shows sexual fluidity.

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