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Three People Shot Dead While filming TikTok ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ in Louisiana Teen Girl Killed

In Shreveport, Louisiana, three people were killed in a drive-by shooting.

A group of men were allegedly recording a video of a popular TikTok trend known as "The Crate Challenge" outside of Linwood Public Charter School on August 22 after 5:30 pm when shots rang out.

A Louisiana man and two others were fatally murdered.

Paris King, 19, was one of the victims who died while shooting the milk crate challenge video.

As gunfire erupts, video footage shows a guy attempting to climb a milk crate pyramid.

According to initial accounts, two people were shot outside the school.

The police were later called to Circle K on East 70th Street at Gilbert Drive, where a woman was found dead in the back seat of a car at 6:11 pm.

Paris King was discovered shot to death by first responders.

The police spokesperson informed Newsweek that a man had attempted to drive away after the incident. However, when he discovered King was shot in the backseat, he stopped.

According to Newsweek, neither the driver nor the other passenger was injured.

The milk crate challenge, which is part of TikTok's "Hood Summer Olympics" series, has recorded many severe injuries.

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