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Since the murder of George Floyd by police on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there have been many new revolutionary ways to protest and bring notoriety to civil and social injustices around the world. However, nothing outweighs the old fashion expression of frustration by exercising your second amendment right. The act of openly carrying a high powered assault rifle or firearm in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, while expressing your demands is usually an immediate attention grabber, especially if the person exercising that right is Black.

The first national NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) reported citing was May 12, 2020, during a protest near Brunswick, Georgia, over the murder/lynching of a black jogger named Ahmaud Arbery. The murder/lynching happened February 23, 2020, but was suppressed and hidden by local law enforcement officials due to one of the suspects being a retired law enforcement agent.

The NFAC also provided armed security for the sister of Rayshard Brooks, per her request for a downtown Atlanta Rally in late June 2020. Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot in the back multiple times by former Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe who was arrested and currently charged with murder.

On July 4, 2020, about 100 or 200 mostly armed NFAC members marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia, demanding the elimination of the Confederate monument. The Leader of the NFAC John Johnson also known as Grandmaster Jay said in reference to this particular monument, which is very important to the Ku Klux Klan: "Our initial goal was to have a formation of our militia in Stone Mountain to send a message that as long as you're abolishing all these statues across the country, what about this one?" An NFAC member at the protest said, "I want the heart of the Ku Klux Klan to hear me no matter where the fuck you are. I'm in your house. Where you at? You made a threat. We don't threaten."

On July 25, 2020, about 1000 NFAC members came to object together in Louisville, Kentucky, the absence of action versus the officers responsible for the March shooting of Breonna Taylor. On July 20, 2020, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Louisville Metro Council President David James had a phone conversation with Grandmaster Jay, which the Attorney General's office referred to as "productive."

During his speech in front of Louisville Metro Hall, The NFAC leader Grand Master Jay warned the Louisville officials that they had four weeks to get a decision in regards to the shooting of Breonna Taylor or The NFAC may come back.

"If you tell me something that's not going to satisfy what these people want, I'm going to bring my people in just to emphasize that we really want the truth, and that's what today was. It's not just the people of Louisville you owe an explanation to, you owe an explanation to Black people period," Grandmaster Jay says.

The lack of mainstream media coverage of the NFAC is an anomaly, especially when the movement of Black armed militia members continues to swell, gaining admiration and support throughout the country. Grand Master Jay himself warned "The NFAC is not going anywhere, it's going to get bigger,"

With dissatisfaction in the justice system, massive turnouts of armed Black American's will grow at each event. The NFAC is not something that will fade away or disappear. The movement is gaining steady steam right into the election, making their presence felt profoundly across the country in less than three months. With growing numbers at each event and no corrections being made to the system that produced The NFAC, they will continue to receive platforms to recruit fed-up Americans. For that matter, the mainstream media or the country will not be able to continue to ignore the thunderous black cloud approaching.

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