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OnlyFans Will Ban "Sexually Explicit" Conduct Starting in October To Appease Banks and Payment Co.

OnlyFans, a website that allows fans to pay artists for their pictures and films, intends to exclude "sexually explicit" material.

According to a spokesman, the restriction will take effect on Oct. 1 due to demands from banking partners and businesses that handle financial transactions.

The platform has amassed more than 130 million users, primarily for adult-oriented subscription fan pages. OnlyFans announced that creators would continue to be allowed to post content containing nudity "as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy." The site's terms currently allow nudity except in content featuring public nudity recorded in or broadcast from a jurisdiction where public nudity is illegal.

The platform has become well-known for celebrities to connect with fans on a more personal level and a place for sex workers to post and get paid in a reasonably safe way.

OnlyFans recently introduced OFTV, a free streaming service that will not contain any sexually explicit content. OFTV offers unique programming from over 100 OnlyFans producers in various categories, including fitness, food, comedy, health, music, and more. OnlyFans soft-launched the on-demand streaming service early this year, and it already has over 800 videos in its collection.

OnlyFans claims to have paid out more than $5 billion to creators worldwide, even though it is not accessible as an app on the Apple and Google stores, which prohibit pornography. According to the terms of the agreement, the business retains 20% of the income produced by its two million+ creators.

In the company's first monthly transparency report, OnlyFans authorized 114,065 creator accounts (out of 279,222 applications) in July 2021. It also stated that the company deleted 15 accounts last month after child pornography was discovered on those accounts.

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Joseph Townsend
Joseph Townsend
Aug 21, 2021

This will bring the opportunity for somebody to create another "only fans" type page. But until then, take your ass to work ladies. And I hope yall pay your taxes!


Aug 19, 2021

I would think that's gon mess wit a lot of content creators' bag. I only kno it cuz of the explicit content. Welp... that's gon create an opening for another business to fill the hole in the market.

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