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After backlash and accusations of anti-semitism, Nick Cannon continues to try to make amends to the Jewish community for his controversial *(since deleted) interview on his podcast, Cannon's Class with the rap group Public Enemy's Minister of Information Professor Griff.

Cannon explored The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), where senior officials continued the discussion with the comic, rapper, and tv host Nick Cannon during a trip to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance. Recently, Cannon connected with SWC associate dean and worldwide social action director Rabbi Abraham Cooper after questionable public remarks about Jews, and, following their conference, issued an explicit apology to the Jewish community.

Throughout his visit, Cannon learned about the work of the Center and Museum of Tolerance and discussed ways to collaborate and develop bridges between the Jewish and Black communities, especially youths.

Cannon was shown The Hitler Letter, a letter owned by the SWC and one of the most significant historic documents in the SWC. It is an original letter composed and signed by Adolf Hitler in 1919, pre-dating Mein Kampf, detailing his plans for the "uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether."

He also visited the Museum of Tolerance, where he saw Witness To, pictures of Holocaust survivors who share their stories with Museum visitors, and leisure of renowned Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal's Vienna office.

Cannon visited the internal production center of Moriah, the Center's two-time Academy Award-winning film department. Simon Wiesenthal Center Academy Award -winner Richard Trank and Cannon talked about collaborating on some joint media projects to promote tolerance and understanding between the Jewish and Black communities.

Moved by what he saw, Cannon promised to donate his very first paycheck from The Masked Singer to support the Simon Wiesenthal Center's ongoing work of fighting anti-Semitism and hate.

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