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Mom Kills Her 12-Year-Old Son Over SD Card

New information was revealed on Sunday after the arrest of a Chicago woman for the murder of her 12-year-old son.

Prosecutors said Fallon Harris, 37, approached her son, Kaden Ingram, 12, on Saturday morning about the location of an SD card she took from her vehicle on Friday night.

Harris reportedly threatens him with a pistol in video footage taken from inside their South Chicago home. When he was unable to provide her with the card, she shot him once. He remained alive and crying.

She then returned to her son, asked for the card again, and when he replied he didn't know where it was, prosecutors say she reshot him. This shooting was captured on camera.

Kaden passed away shortly after collapsing on the kitchen floor.

She reportedly confessed to the police that she murdered her son and showed them the silver pistol she used to do the crime.

According to family members, Harris has been behaving paranoid and claiming that someone was trying to get her. She has a concealed carry permit.

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