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Minnesota Woman's Legs Amputated After Contracting COVID-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Nigerian healthcare worker Jummai Nache believes   There is something strange going on since she got infected with Covid-19 even though she had had her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on February 1.

The family of Nache has devoted themselves to getting answers as she will not only have to have her legs removed but her hands amputated as well. Her family believes the Pfizer vaccine is causing these terrible trials for her.

According to her husband Philip, she is far more aware than others when her body is not well because she's a medical assistant. When she started feeling sharp pains in her chest, she told her husband that she wanted to

go to the hospital. She tested positive for Covid-19 after Philip took her to the hospital.

According to her husband, they were startled when they found out that she was Covid-19 positive because she had not shown any symptoms before receiving the injection.

"We are grateful to God for His grace upon Jummai, the children, and myself as we go through this unprecedented experience and the painful challenges! GOD KNOWS!" Philip wrote in a letter attached to a GoFundMe to help with expenses.

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