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Gervonta Davis Survives A Near Fatal Plane Crash In Florida

During take-off, boxer Gervonta Davis' private plane crashed. The 26-year-old Baltimore native survives with a minor injury. Davis went on Instagram Live shortly after to give his followers an update on what had occurred. The professional boxer then displayed the aircraft in the center of the field. He stands in disbelief at all that had happened.

"The plane crashed. The plane didn't even take off," Davis explained on IG Live. "It took off, but it didn't take off. Oh my god. I'm good; it's just that my ass is hot. I'm sitting on this hot-ass concrete."

"For everybody wanting to fly private, I think it's over with. I'll be driving or catching a train," Tank added.

Stephen Gollan, the Battalion Chief for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, said that paramedics transported no one aboard the aircraft medically from the site. One unidentified patient was treated on-site by paramedics and refused to be sent to the hospital.

One runway at the airport remained blocked as of 7 p.m. because the aircraft had not to be removed from the accident site, despite the fact the plane had been emptied of fuel.

The Federal Aviation Administration sent a field investigator to the scene, as is standard procedure in any incident. The National Transportation Safety Board is not anticipated to conduct an inquiry.

The cause of the accident is unknown, and no official explanation for the crash has been given.

The incident occurred less than two months after Davis won the WBA super lightweight championship with a knockout victory over Mario Barrios on June 26. Davis is Floyd Mayweather's protégé. The 26-year-old has gone 25-0 and won WBA titles in three different weight divisions in his professional career.

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Aug 22, 2021

I happy didn’t no one get hurt. I feel like that would have be a huge loss to the boxing community.

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