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Busta Rhymes Says "F*ck Your Mask" In a Resurfaced Anti-Mask Rant Video

Busta Rhymes' resurfaced public comments have some fans tweeting their displeasure quicker than his rapid-fire lyrics.

Onstage at the Seoul Tacos 10th Anniversary Block Party in St. Louis on June 19, he said the following.

"This is my second show in front of human life in the last 15 f*cking months," he says in the clip. "COVID could suck a d*ck."

He went on to say, "All these little weird-ass government policies and mandates… suck a d*ck!" he shouts. "Stop trying to take our civil liberties away… No human being is supposed to tell you [that] you can't even breathe freely! F*ck your mask."

Specifically targeting mask mandates, the rapper continued, "It's called the god-given right of freedom, right? No human being's supposed to tell you; you can't even breathe freely. Fuck your mask. Some of y'all might feel differently, but fuck your mask. I can't rhyme to you with a mask on. You can't eat food with a fucking mask on. We can't even see each other smile with a mask on."

He then discussed his flirtation with women and how wearing a mask, which inhibits the transmission of COVID-19, messes up his game.

The legendary rapper says, "I come from a time where before I used to even want to holler at a chick, I used to have to do shit with my face to let her know that I'm into her. But all of that energy gets blocked when your mask is on. Energy is important, and we are all conductors of fucking good energy."

While some people seem to be agreeing with his take on all of this, he's receiving backlash online.

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