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A concerned white mom wrote to slate's care, and feeding parenting advice column

in regards to her adopted black son Martin. According to the mother, she adopted Martin and his older sister Taylor 11 years ago he was an infant while his sister was 5. Recently Martin's now 16-year-old sister Taylor asked her white mother and father if she could speak with them privately after dinner.

During the meeting, the teenager delivered an outrageous claim to her suburban white parents about their black son Martin. The sister said that she had been tipped off by her friends and others that Martin had been selling N-WORD passes for weeks to whites and other nonblack students at his middle school for $20-50. Martin's white parents were shocked and flabbergasted; they refused to believe Martin would do such a thing. But the sister had receipts, screenshots from her friend's younger sister who Martin had propositioned one of his said N-WORD passes.

Taylor even speculated that Martin had made over $1000. The white mother and father had done their best to make sure that the children were aware of systemic racism, oppression, and their heritage as best they could, even moving them to a diverse suburban community. The mother began to think about his black classmates and how furious and uncomfortable they must be with Martin's actions. She began to question her parenting and asked for advice on how to discipline the young Martin.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for Martin's parents and your thoughts on young Martin, Young entrepreneur, or coon in training?

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